New printed items is available now!

Printing Twi'lek Items
Yup, Our new printed items isĀ available right now and we also release the new color tentacle heads which we supposed to be issued earlier at same time. Hope you enjoy them. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “New printed items is available now!

  1. Thanks guys!

    @Andrew: Yes, the printing is strong enough to play it. But I don’t recommend you treated it roughly. šŸ˜‰ And we do sales in Taiwan, welcome you to visit our store in

  2. First, you have an active account of Paypal and then click the paypal button once in checkout page. If you still meet the problem contact me directly please. Thanks.

  3. @Yonug- That’s impossible, cause our checkout system was running on Paypal.

  4. Regarding color light flesh, well, I am sure it wouldn’t be released so fast. But I have highly interesting with it.

    @Evan: Unfortunately No, we don’t have any plan for offer complete minifigs of whole Twi’leks.

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