Arealight Custom Work :: Shipping Destinations

Shipping Destinations

Shipping Destinations

Airmail Service Currently Available To These Destinations

  Asia Europe Americas Oceania
1 China France United States(◎) Australia(※)
2 Japan Netherlands Canada(※) New Zealand(※)
3 Korea Belgium(※)

4 Vietnam Swizterland(※)

5 Indonesia Sweden(※)

6 Thailand Czech Rep.(※)

7 Malaysia Poland

8 Singapore Denmark

9 Hong Kong Norway

10 Macao Italy(※)

11 Cambodia(※) United Kingdom(☆)

12 Philippines Finland

13   Lithuania

  • (◎)Except for Hawaii, Guam and other territories of the United States.           
  • (※)Please noted that only EMS service is available to Australia, Czech Rep., Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, New Zealand, Cambodia Canada and Italy.
  • (☆)Only FedEx service is available to United Kingdom.