Holiday Sales!

Hey Everyone!

The holidays are coming up and we wanted to help with picking out gifts for you and your loved ones. Between November 20th and December 19th, we will be providing anyone who places an order of $30.00 or greater, 20% off their entire order.

Winter Sales!

During this time, we will also have bundles to add to the savings.

Thank you for your continued support!

Happy Holidays from the Arealight Team.

A revision of the Captain RX

Hello all,

We just made a new combination of item Captain RX and Hope you like the outfit.

  • 1 Printed RX Helmet
  • 1 Printed RX Jetpack
  • 1 Printed Head, Printed Torso, Arms and Legs
  • 1 Black One-Side Pauldron
  • 1 Black Waist Cape
  • 2 Black Merc Pistol 35

Captain RX

-Arealight Team

Attack of the Clones

Hey everyone!

We’re excited to announce that we are adding a new figure to our line-up on October 11th: Captain RX.
Captain RXCaptain RX

He will cost 25 USD and include the following:

  • Printed RX Helmet
  • Blue Visor
  • Printed Head, Printed Torso, Arms and Legs
  • Black Two-Side Pauldron
  • Black Waist Cape
  • Black Merc Pistol 35 x2

We hope you enjoy the new figure and look forward to bringing you more in the future!

Happy building and thank you for your continued support.

-Arealight Team

A Challenger Appears

It’s the start of a new month and we’re excited to add something new to our repertoire.

After lots of time and work, we’ve finally gotten around to producing our first “mass produced” figure: Twi’lek Assassin

Twi'lek Assassin

This figure includes a pair of our new Bolted Gauntlets, printed arms, printed legs, a printed curved torso, and a printed tentacle head.

We will also be releasing the Bolted Gauntlets individually for those that would prefer that. These gauntlets will come in silver and black.

It’s available now! We hope you enjoy these new parts and thank you for your continued support!

-Arealight Team

Happy Hunting

We’re excited to announce that we’ve released a new wave of prints. This print wave is smaller than most, but we hope you enjoy this stellar selection of parts. This wave includes 6 items:
Two new hunter helmet designs: White Wren A Hunter Helmet and White Wren B Hunter Helmet

The remaining 4 items are 2 different vambrace prints on 2 different colors:
Wren Vambraces on Black and Silver
Blaster Vambraces on Black and Silver

We hope you enjoy this new selection of parts as much as we enjoyed producing them!
Happy custimizing~

-Arealight Team