The shop will close temporarily

We thankful for all of fans great supports all the time. In this year, we expected to make more interesting new works for you and welcome any suggestion to me. Happy Chinese New Year to you!

*Due to the Chinese New Year Holidays Arealight shop will close temporarily from Feb. 11 to 21. Our site is running all the time and welcome to visit anytime.

45 thoughts on “The shop will close temporarily

  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you Arealight! I am anxious to find out what sort of interesting products you will create.

  2. He is probably making some other amazing item….O i can’t wait to see them! Arealight is probably my favorite online store

  3. I’m not meaning to keep you guys guessing cause I wouldn’t to say that uncertainty. we are working the coming items right now. If there is something good happen you will knowing.

  4. ok! Awesome! I would like it if the Arealight store had helmets again. I hope that is one thing Arealight is working on….

  5. @Quentin: We have moved the store to here. You don’t need a code just please wait for our store re-opening on Feb. 21.

    Thanks folks looking for our new item in future. Yes, I do my best for you.

  6. Happy Chinese New Year.
    Can’t wait to order from you when you re-open.
    Those Twi-leks look awesome and hope to see more items.
    Will start to order more from you in the future 🙂


  7. @Adam, No, We ain’t produce it soon, we just hope could release it someday.

    Thanks guys highly interesting with our helmets. But only I can say is I am doing my best for that and if there is any news come out, I will announce it here.

  8. Who agrees that we should have a contest for who can make the best custom airborne trooper and send the pictures to Arealight.

  9. Arealight,

    I just made a Lego knife and made a mold of it and it worked!
    My real question is if I can sell it on this site? Please send me
    a e-mail.

    Your customer,

    Commander Cox

  10. I think that a quarren head would be awesome! or a clone snowtrooper helmet like in CW 15 tresspass. But, whatever you make, I am sure it will be exquisite!

  11. @Dmane, Yes, I might to make Jedi but just for myself. And thanks for the contest idea. But I think I have the one that I liked and I’m trying to make it someday. Sorry that there is no any certain news of those helmets.

    @cullen p, No, I don’t have a plan to make lightsaber at present.

    @Commander Cox, No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. There were many selling platform you could choosing, like Ebay, Bricklink or even on your Flickr.

  12. HI arealight i love your custom modeled helmets,visors and heads. im wondering its the 22nd and the store still hasnt opened yet plz tell me why thank you.

  13. @Kiaran, No, I don’t have a plan to release it so far.

    @Kp, My shop has opened two days. Please click the button “Shop” of upper right of this page.

  14. @Quentin: No, don’t know yet. We just try the best to making our future products perfect. Sorry no schedule!

  15. Is it possible to set up like a poll on the main page, have pople vote, and, then choose the top 3, 4, or 5?

  16. Lol,
    I keep checking your site everyday now for any updates 🙂
    For some reason I can’t keep away.

  17. @Nate: Thank you for the suggestion. I will keep it mind.
    @cullen P: It’s made by large CNC machine and the other process.
    @SoNX: don’t worry, we welcome you anytime.

  18. Cheers Arealight,
    Still eagerly awaiting your items 🙂
    Have you checked your Flickr Mail?

  19. @Nate: Yes, we will release more colours soon included dark red.
    @SoNX: I don’t see any pics that you said. Did I miss the parts?

  20. My 11 year old son and I have recently gotten into customizing Lego clone troopers and he REALLY wants one of your Bacara helmets. Will you be selling them again any time soon?

  21. Dude you are the best!!!!!! Man as soon as I get some money I am soooooooooooooo buying visors and binnoculars. You rock!!!!!

  22. does your store has at malaysia?i like all of your work but i live at malaysia so can you open a store at malaysia i will so like all of your stuff and all so pleas.

  23. @IamAfaN: Welcome, Our store was in Taiwan and we don’t have a plan to open another store in Malaysia. Welcome to order from our store.

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