Printing items!

Hi all,

We heard many fans asking about how to decal with the items, Tentacle Heads and Curved Torso. Finally we make it the printed items. Yup, it’s totally a printing, not a decal and you can play it.

There are five sets of them, White sets, Red set, Orange set, Sand Green set and Sand Blue set. They will be released on Jan. 31. Please check our Flickr out with more pictures. Thanks and enjoy!

34 thoughts on “Printing items!

  1. Actually, I was ordering a print company to make it. I hope I could to hold that printing machine someday. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Oh man very nice. You are COOL. Oh and I have a little question. Do you sell the printed things separately or as a hole figure? Please answere.

  3. Yep, it will be sold by printed part alone . The printed head of $5.00 and the torso of $4.00 for each.

  4. I am definately buying one…. probably the head because I already have the torso. But it’s not printed.

  5. I really like these new parts Arealight, Great job as usual!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Hello Arealight. First of all, let me congratulate you for your magnificent work. I would like to know if you intend in the near future to provide your printing services for people who would like to see their own creations printed on lego parts and if you can print in silver, gold or even white colours. Once again, great job.

  7. Thanks guys good words and support arealight always!

    ๏ผ King of Spades: Yup, we can print any colors included you said. But we don’t provide the printing services for customers cause we can’t. The printing work was a tons of work and expensive for person. They only accept great amount of pieces to print. We made great effect for it and just come out 5 sets(printed head and torso). Anyway, we will keep provide more printed parts for you. Welcome give us any suggestion. Thanks alot!

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  9. i was just wondering how much are the printed figs?? im thinking about buying them when ur shop reopens

  10. We didn’t sell the complete figs, only the printed parts we sold which showing above picture.

  11. Cool! Hey arealight will you make diffrent lego pieases later on like the madalorians? If so could you tell me?

  12. Have you thought of putting a link to show what pictures you use for your twi-leks. That way people could copie for example Aayla Secura ‘decals’ and then buy here stuff and put on the ‘decals’ when her pieces arrive.

  13. Hi guys, I just back from a little trip for the holidays. Well, about how I did the printed parts, as I said before that I was asking a print company to help me. They used some kind of specialized printing machine for plastic printing. Unfortunately I can’t share the company info with you. BTW, it’s not any printers that used at home.

  14. will all the heads have the clone war eyes and if so do you ever plan on printing the old school lego eyes?

  15. Why dpnt u put some pics pf the decals so we can accturley print em!
    also check my utube vids and custom clones on my utube channel and FragleFreak is my username.

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