A Leader Rises.

We’re excited to announce a new figure to add to our line up!

Hunter Bo Phase 2 joins the ranks to help lead your other plastic warriors in their conquests!

A Leader Rises

This pack will include:

  • 1x Blue BO2 Hunter Helmet
  • 1x Dark Gray BO2 Jetpack
  • 1x Printed Head
  • 1x Printed Torso a long with printed arms
  • 1x Pair of printed legs
  • 1x Silver BO Vambraces
  • 1x Silver Darkblade

In addition to this release, we would like to announce a few other items that were recently added to our site:

The BOB Jetpack. An updated version of our previous BOB Jetpack.

Silver Fet Vambraces. A silver print of the BOB Vambraces.


We hope you enjoy these new offerings and, as always, happy building!