Changes to News Feed Subscriptions

Hello everyone!

Just as a note, we will be updating our newsletter. If you are interested in receiving updates from use, please subscribe to our news letter in our shop.

You can find the subscribe button in the lower right corner of the page:

Then you can fill out the rest of it on the page afterwards:

Please ensure that if you are interested in getting updates, please make sure you subscribe to our news letter service in our store.

Thank you!
Arealight Team

Feeling Glamorous and Ready to Fight?

Hey Everyone!

We’re excited to announce that we will be releasing our FemTrooper design in multiple colors!

Make sure your troopers are color coordinated for any occasion!

Feeling Glamorous and Ready to Fight?

We can’t guarantee these will always be in stock in the color you’re interested in, so make sure to pick them up if you’re interested!

As always, we hope you enjoy these new torsos and thank you for your continued support!
-Arealight Team

New Figure!

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while and we’ve been working a bunch on restocks, but we’re excited to announce that we’re now releasing the new figure, Captain FVS!

Captain FVS includes the following:

  • Printed Arealight FVS Trooper Helmet
  • Printed Lego Head, Body, Arms and Legs,
  • Dark Grey Arealight Waist Cape
  • Dark Grey Arealight Two-Sided Pauldron

Captain FVS

We hope that you enjoy the new figure and thank you for your continued support!

Happy Customizing!
-Arealight Team

Lucky number 13…13

Hello everyone!

We’re excited to announce another new figure release!

Hot off the trail of the Hunter Bob figure, we’re releasing the 1313 version of our BOB figure.

Hunter BOB 1313

This figure retails for $20 USD and will include the following:

  • 1 Metallic Silver JNG Helmet
  • 1 Printed Head
  • 1 Printed Torso with a pair of Arms and Legs
  • 1 Dark Tan Cape
  • 1 Black Merc Pistol 34
  • 1 Dark Gray Rangefinder

We hope you enjoy our newest figure and thank you for your continued support!

-the Arealight Team