13 thoughts on “Renamed visor

  1. @Mike, It’s very possible I can only say. But we need to solved some problems of producing at first. If there is any news it would be announced.

    @Norman B, We have made few transactions through Paypal recently. I don’t get it why you said you don’t have it?

  2. You aren’t making helmets right now? Please start again. Why can’t I visit your shop, considering it is the 26th?

  3. I have a suggestion,

    I think that it would be cool if you made heavy trooper helmets and cold assault trooper helmets.
    I would pay 5 bucks for a helmet like that!

  4. @commander bly: Regrading the printing, Well, I have say that using waterslide decals is better way for personal customs. Comparison with my printing, it’s cheap cost, easy for using and flexible to application.

    @Young: I used the decal paper too. This is what I bought. And I was print it from my general inkjet printer. (Canon IP-3000)

  5. I want the little arms shop weapons, but I can’t make a ID and password. Is it possible if you can sell them on Arealight Shop?

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