Review: Revamped Commando Helmets

Hey everyone,

I’ll be reviewing the commando helmets that were released before Christmas today since Wave 4 will be coming out soon.

Anyways, let’s start off with some pictures:
Left to right:

Fi Helmet, Sev helmet, Niner Helmet, Fixer Helmet, Scorch Helmet.


These are highly similar to the previous helmets, except Arealight has gone back and added in the visor gradient.

Here’s a quit run down of the helmets individually:

Fi : The Fi helmet is a black print with a very dark grey for the visor with a blue gradient printed over the visor. Arealight did a pretty good job in making the visor visible despite the visors being two very dark colors. The design itself is essentially a black version of Boss/Fixer. As usual, the printing is very clean and clear.


Sev: The Sev helmet is basically a revamp of the older one. Arealight added in the blue gradient for the visor and made the “blood” print a bit more clear and has a bit more of an organic feel to it. (The marks are a bit more curved around the ends.) Over all it looks pretty good.

Niner: Niner is essentially a blue version of Boss and Fixer. I personally like blue and the print itself is extremely crisp . There isn’t really much to say about it, but if you’re a fan of the character or like the color blue; then I would go ahead and pick this up.

Fixer: Fixer is a revamp of the old helmet. The green is a bit brighter from what I can tell. The ink itself didn’t set correctly on some of them, but it still looks good.

Scorch: The scorch helmet is a complete revamp of the previous helmet. Arealight took advantage of the new Dark Bluish grey plastic he decided to mold his helmets in. The design itself is fantastic. The white is is pretty clear and the print design itself looks amazing. I believe this has to be my favorite of the helmets and it definitely is a step up from the original. I would highly recommend getting this one even if you already have the previous version.

The revamped commando helmets are great. If didn’t get a chance to pick up the previous ones or even if you have gotten them, I would suggest getting these. The gradient itself looks great although on a few of the helmets it’s a bit off center. Regardless, the designs are all pretty clean and crisp and definitely a step up from the originals. Unfortunately I don’t have my Boss helmet on me so I wont’ be able to get those up.

Anyways the rest of Wave 4 will be coming out later this week and I’ll be uploading a review for it once I get my samples.