11 thoughts on “New coming out colors

  1. I love it Arealight!
    I just can’t wait to get dark red Binocular visors!
    Your creativity amazes me!
    I love your store and I always will!
    And when those helmets come out in a couple of months,
    I’ll buy a ton of ’em!
    Thank you Arealight!
    You save my life!

  2. cool! you really are good. i think i will be getting some of those freebies with my order dunno though

  3. Great job on the dark red.
    I’m so going to bye the
    macro binocular in dark
    red.I am also going to
    bye the twi’lek in dark
    red if you sell it with
    decals. Your site is
    awesome and is it true
    that you are going to
    sell new helmets?

  4. Thanks guys for the supports. We might also release one more new color, just not sure yet what if it could make it at the time. It’s Tan!

    Regarding of the previous helmets I did, sorry there is any update yet. Well, if there is any good news about them I will let you know at first folks.

  5. I totally enjoyed the products I recently purchased and I wondered if you will be releasing printed versions of the new colours. I was also wondering if you would print on your upcoming helmets… perhaps custom designs. I, personally, would like to see printed visors and such that might assert affiliation or whatever. Not sure if anyone else would, though…

  6. @lycan_123: Yes, we will make more printed item in these new colors. And we also like to print our more products if possible. Thanks for your suggestion. And I am sorry that I can’t share the printing company with you.

    @bob: Thanks, Regarding of the helmet, To bring them into plastic ABS is complex production. Which mean that it taken many money and lot of time. If there is any new update I will let you guys know.

  7. Hey arealight, wouldn’t it be so cool if you yourself sold FULL minifigs? Like commander cody with Thelittlearmsshop weapons.

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