Wave 6/7 Product Review

Hey Everyone,

I know it’s a bit late, but I’ve been busy lately.

As Promised though: We’ll be starting off this review with the Mando helmets.

So every want to design your own little bounty hunter or Mandolorian warrior? Well here’s your chance!

I personally love the Mando helmets for that reason. There is just so much potential for your own personal figure with these designs.


First we’ve got the Goran Helmet. This helmet sports a beautiful silver and pearl dark grey print (I believe other vendors refer to this color as Steel or Gunmetal) on top of a black mando helmet. The silver is very vibrant and stands out quite a bit on the black, which is personally why I love how it looks.  The printing is very clean and it completely wraps around the helmet. And here are some variants of the helmetGoran

As you can see the design looks quite nice on variant prints that you might receive with your slightly larger orders.


Next up we have the Barin Helmet. The Barin helmet sports some what of a “brass” color printed onto dark bluish grey. Personally this is one of my least favorite prints since the color isn’t as bold. However it still looks nice. If you like the color scheme or the character it’s based on, it would be nice to pick up. As I said though, the color on this helmet isn’t as vibrant as others though.

IMG_1203And here is a photo of the variants. I personally prefer this design printed onto black than the original color. The black just makes the color stick out so much more. Unfortunately that is the freebie variant that you can’t pick out.

IMG_1210Here we have the Galen helmet. Personally I love this one. I’ve always liked the color blue and the silver with dark blue highlights printed onto the blue helmet just looks amazing. This is one I could definitely recommend picking up especially if you were wanting a blue mando helmet for your collection or if you’re a fan of the character. The printing is quite crisp and clean; not to mention it compliments the color of the helmet quite well.

IMG_1209Again, here are more variants of the Galen helmet. Personally I feel the best variants are the silver and white.

IMG_1206Next up we have the Fenri helmet. Personally this is another favorite of mine. The dark red on white is very nice. I also like the extra detail above the T-Visor. The printing is relatively clean, the actual version of my helmet is a bit less crisp than the variants, but it is something I don’t mind overlooking for this helmet since the design and color scheme is so nice.

IMG_1205And more variants for you guys~. The variants for this one are quite nice as well.

IMG_1212Finally we’ve got the Jaster helmet. This one is definitely a great one to pick up as well. The helmet has such vibrant colors that it really makes it worth it. The dark red T visor outline looks quite nice on the dark bluish grey helmet. The silver and black detailing on the sides and cheeks of the helmet also fit quite nicely with the color scheme. The printing on this one is very crisp and very clean as well. I could easily recommend this helmet to anyone looking for a Mando helmet, especially so if you like the color scheme.

Unfortunately I do not have a photo of variants of this helmet to show. So here are some of the other variants you can get of the Jango and Boba Helmets.

IMG_1214To finish off our little Mando splurge, we have a brand new torso print! The Dark Gray Torso Battle Suit; a bit of a mouthful, but a great piece none the less. It is printed on the front…


…and the back!IMG_1234This is actually a first for Arealight to do. And it is definitely very welcome. It’s fantastic to see the curved torsos getting some more love and I could definitely recommend picking these up. The design consists of a redesigned Mandolorian battle armor based off a specific character. And it matches quite well. The printing is not only very crisp on this, but it’s also very detailed. Arealight included the folds and wrinkles in the fabric of the cloth that you’d expect from someone wearing this type of armor. Outside of that the detail on the belt is just plain amazing; the pockets are shaded where you’d expect them to be and he was really able to create a sense of depth with the design. Honestly the only real “flaw” I can think of is that this torso was specifically designed to be printed onto dark gray; this means that the variants won’t look as nice because part of the design is left blank because of that. However, that shouldn’t deter you from buying the actual torso; as it really does look amazing.

Anyways I hope this review helps anyone who actually hasn’t had a chance to get the new prints yet. Next review will cover wave 7 helmets.

Until next time~