New Mold Review~

A bit late, but better late than never.

Finally got a chance to sit down, work with the pieces a bit and actually write something that’s actually relevant about these pieces.

IMG_1344As you can see, I’ve even spent a bit of time decorating the plain white helmets. They’re actually quite fun to paint up if you’re into that. The Merc helmet is by far the easiest to get a nice paint job on due to the high level of detail that is already included on the helmet.

IMG_1360The Merc helmet itself features quite a bit of detail. The antenna is actually molded onto the helmet, which could be seen as a downside; but I just see it as a nice way to make sure that it stays in the right place all the time. The breather part of the face is also detailed quite well and gives a very strong old sci-fi feel and works great for those Old Republic Mercenaries. I personally am quite excited to see how Arealight prints these helmets up. I could definitely see them looking much nicer in other colors than white as well.

IMG_1365And as you would have guessed, it wouldn’t really be too nice to have a Merc helmet without a matching jet pack. The design on this matches perfectly to the source material and will no doubt make a great addition to any figure. It meshes quite well with “older” sci-fi themes outside of just the Old Republic theme. I could even see it very loosely being used in steam punk themes with some modifications. Overall, it’s a great piece. High detail and quite simple to paint or decorate due to all of the details.

IMG_1363Following the Old Republic items, we have the long awaited Combat helmet. This is based off of the trooper helmet from the Old Republic Trailer. I was pretty excited when Arealight began processing this simply because of the fact that Lego released the figure without the helmet; which just seemed so out of place. Beyond just that, the helmet has a great design and really does just look fantastic. The holes on the side of the helmet are specifically designed to tightly grip Arealight’s Phase 1 Sun visors and Phase 1 Macrobinoculars. This means that you can easily raise the macrobinoculars without having to worry about them falling down. I can definitely say I am eager to see how Arealight ends up working the printing on this helmet.

IMG_1368Speaking of Troopers though; that makes a great segway into our next piece. The SpecOps Pack. I personally love the design of this back pack simply since it works so well with most sci-fi themed figures. The back pack allows for enough room to comfortably fit most helmets and is compatible with all Arealight helmets. There really isn’t much else to say about it besides the fact that it is quite an amazing piece. Definitely consider picking these up to go a long with your Commando helmets if you have them!

IMG_1356Up next we have the trooper helmet. This helmet has been long requested by fans due to Arealight’s commander helmet having that hole in the visor. Personally I think this helmet turned out great! I personally feel the shape is much better than Lego’s version and the breathers just give it a much more defined look. The fin is also sized quite well on this helmet compared to how it is sized on others; not too high and not too low. The helmet accepts Lego’s helmet accessories and holds them perfectly with no deformities on the pieces; however Arealight’s Phase 1 Sun Visors and Phase 1 Macrobinoculars are a bit loose. This means that without any adhesive or additive adjustments to the helmet, you won’t be able to mount the macrobinoculars so that they stand straight up on the helmet. I don’t see this as too big of an issue though since being compatible with lego’s accessories makes up for that. One of the things I definitely am excited to see are some special prints coming out for this helmet that make use of it’s closed visor.

IMG_1354The next item on the list is the pilot helmet. I really do like the design on this helmet, Arealight’s attention to detail on this helmet just makes it for me. The bulky design makes it blend in quite well with Lego’s Pilot helmet designs. The one issue I see with this helmet is that it has a bit looser grip than the others; but it still has a decent grip on the head so it isn’t too big of an issue unless you plan on throwing your pilot across the room.

IMG_1364So we had the Trooper helmet with this release, a closed visor version of the Commander Helmet; and Arealight didn’t want to leave the Mando helmet out of the party so he released a closed visor version of the Mando helmet: the Hunter helmet. This helmet is in essence a closed visor version of the Mando helmet with a few adjustments. These adjustments included adding more detail to the back and I believe making the area above where the visor is usually located more defined. The plain face of this helmet makes it great for decaling and I could definitely see some designs that utilize this closed visor being printed onto here in the future. The holes on the side are designed to fit Lego’s helmet accessories, but I believe they will also fit Phase 1 Arealight Accessories. Be warned though! It is very hard to get them attached to the helmet and near impossible to remove them once it’s on! I do not advised if you’re worried about the piece breaking and you don’t have an extra on hand.

IMG_1359Finally, we have the Comm Helmet. This helmet is based off of the Sonic Trooper that showed up ages ago in the Clone Wars Series and is definitely one of those helmet designs that deserves to be available for customizers. Arealight got the design of this helmet dead on and it really does look perfect when compared to the reference material. Again, the blank face plate makes it perfect for decaling, but I could definitely see the raised area on the forehead being a bit of an issue. As I’ve said before though, I definitely am excited to see this in other colors, but in white it still does look amazing

So to sum it up, these pieces are definitely worth checking out; especially if you’re into the decaling or painting scene of customizing. Even if you aren’t, the SpecOps pack and Merc Pack will go a long with almost any sci-fi figure with or without a paint job. Beyond that, the combat helmet also could work fine without any sort of decoration if you were to use the macrobinoculars; although it would be a bit plain… Don’t fret though, as these helmets will be printed onto in the future for those of you that don’t like picking up the paint brush or cutting out decals!