Alright, here’s the last of the reviews: Jetpacks

To be blunt, I feel these stand out the most out of this new release. Arealight’s jet pack design was already amazing, adding to them is just like icing on the cake. I was really excited about these when I was first told he’d be producing them and even more so when he sent me one of the original runs that didn’t turn out just right.

The one on the left was the original run, the one on right is the final version of the Jango Fett Pack.

Left To Right: Boba Jetpack II / Isabet Jetpack / Mij Jetpack / Jango Jetpack / Vizla Jetpack / Boba Jetpack I

Arealight released 6 jet packs. Each one comes with the rocket accessory unlike their unprinted versions which include a warhead. Warheads and rockets are both sold separately.

I find the rocket goes better with the jetpacks anyways.

I’d rather not bore you with describing each on it’s own since they all have very similar print designs, so instead I feel it’s best to just let the pictures speak for themselves in regards to that. Each of them is colored specifically toward a character and Arealight did a great job of matching those colors.  I personally felt would have improved them would have been having the print on the boosters go all the way around, but the printer’s ability to print on that type of surface is pretty limited. Regardless, the printing on all of these are extremely clear and crisp. I can easily suggest getting any of these to anyone even if you aren’t that big of a Star Wars fan. Even though each design caters to a different character, the variety still allows you to make your own custom figure in the star wars universe or outside of it.

Small side note: The two Boba Fett jetpacks have the same print on different colored jetpacks (Sand Green and Blue).

Being completely honest here: It’s hard for me to recommend one over the other, so if you do intend on picking just one or two up: go with the color scheme you enjoy the most. You really can’t go wrong with any of them and they are definitely a step up from the normal Lego jetpacks which were just a wee bit too small.

As a closing note to this:

In regards to Wave 3 itself, I personally see it as a stepping stone for future print designs. Arealight printed onto two items he’s never printed on before: the AT-RT Helmet and the Jetpack. Both of these items have odd shapes as well, which in turn make the printing process harder than it already is with the normal helmets. While I can’t exactly say what is planned for the future I can easily tell you that more great print designs are definitely in store as well as a few other fun things.

I hope you enjoyed these and I hope they help you in your purchases.


Here we go again~.

So, it’s around that time again. As I did before, I’ll be giving a quick run through of the new product to hopefully help you decide what you want.

Where to start?

Alright so: Commander Helmets and Neyo Helmet.

With this new wave Arealight will be adding two new Commander Helmet Designs and one “new” Neyo Helmet design.

From left to right: 501st Clone Jet Trooper / ARC Fordo Helmet / Galle Helmet

With the front view, you can already see a few defects with the commander helmets; the Fordo helmet turned out perfectly though.

Alright, so:
501st Jet Trooper Helmet:

This helmet actually has a pretty nice design. It was actually one of the first ones I had received a long with the Galle helmet, so I suppose it may have grown on me. The helmet sports black and blue (Lego Blue) print for the design and black and dark bluish-grey detailing. All in all, the helmet itself is pretty accurate in regards to looking like the references photo.  What was  a bit of a problem for me was the printing that went out of the little grove on the side of the helmet. The black marks on the side really should be a bit lower and it probably would have worked out much better. On the other hand, the printing itself is very clear and crisp. I feel that it’s still a pretty good helmet over all. If you’re a fan of the blue 501st colors or the clone itself, then this would be a great item to pick up. Otherwise, I personally would go for one of the other helmets.

Fordo Helmet:

Fun story about the Fordo helmet was that it a long with the Galle helmet were suppose to be released earlier. It was originally scheduled to be released with the other Neyo helmets, but had to be held back for printing issues. Anyways, the helmet itself is actually one of the best helmets in my opinion. The print on it is a Lego Red with black and dark bluish-grey details. In regards to the ink itself, it is a very crisp coat and over all looks great. If you only plan on picking up a few helmets, I can definitely suggest this helmet.  Whether you’re a fan of the character or not, it is a great helmet with a great design.

Galle Helmet:

The Galle helmet is essentially a yellow version of the Deviss Helmet. It sports a yellow print going from the back to the front of the helmet and  dark bluish grey and black detail print. I can see a lot of people using this for regular 327th Star Corps clones. There isn’t really much else to say. the yellow print on the front is a bit off to the right.  Beyond that it looks pretty good. In comparison to the Lego version; I would say the Arealight version is far better. Much more detail and I personally like how Arealight’s helmets are more angular vs the roundness of the lego version. If you’re strapped for cash and like yellow or the character or maybe you want to make your own 327th star corps clones, then I would recommend getting it. Otherwise; I would go for one of the other new releases.

In regards to these helmets:
All in all they’re pretty nice. I personally like the jet trooper helmet despite it’s slightly messy printing; but I feel like out of these three the Fordo helmet turned out the best.

I hope that sort of helps, there wasn’t too much to say about these helmets.

I’ll be uploading more reviews within these few days.


Mandalorian Printed Helmets Review

Good day everybody.
As the title states, it’s time for a review of the last of the Printed helmets that had come out with this release.

So here we go:
Left to right: Pre Vizla Helmet(Displayed with Alien Conquest legs and Torso / BrickArms Tactical Sword/ Si-Dan Toys belt / Arealight Jet pack)
Rav Helmet (Painted Arealight Jet pack, Painted Power Miners Legs, Painted BrickForge Vambraces, Printed Arealight Torso with Red battle suit)

Arealight did a great job with getting the detail in on both of these helmets.

Alright, so we’ll go ahead and start off with the Pre Vizla Helmet. First off, the Helmet does seem quite accurate in comparison to the reference picture. The helmet itself is done very well, it has a very crisp printing job and the dark silver is actually printed all the way around the helmet.

The Dark Silver is a close match to both Brickarms’ Gun Metal and Brickforge’s Steel as well as the Platemail print for the new Lego Kingdoms knights. If you’re looking for a paint color to match this helmet, I’d suggest using Citadel’s Bolt Gun metal. The white on this helmet is transparent, but it works fine here since it is just small detailing ont he helmet. The highlights on the helmet seem to be a nice purple color. If you need something to match those highlights to, the Alien Conquest alien color works quite well. Over all, this is a great helmet; definitely worth it if you were looking into getting this helmet.

Moving on to the Rav helmet: This is personally one of my favorites. This helmet matches the reference quite well. The silver on the helmet is just plain beautiful and is printed relatively well. There are a few tiny tiny gaps that aren’t really noticeable unless you look closely between the print surrounding the visor and the sides of the helmet. The black print is very nice as well and goes from front to back.

The red of the helmet is a match to Lego Red, and the silver matches the Lego light silver. If you’re looking for paint to match the silver, Citadel’s Mythril Silver does the job well. The helmet also fits quite well with Arealight’s printed Torso, though I’m pretty sure they’re referenced from the same character. With that said, I can definitely recommend this helmet to anyone looking into getting a Mandalorian helmet for their collection.

Back photo of the helmet. The design goes all the way around.

Now as for the helmet itself, I’d like to make a note that it does in fact hold Arealight’s Phase 1 Visor.

HOWEVER, it is very hard to remove once you get it in; so do this at your own risk. The visor was not made for this helmet, but it does fit it very well and still moves up and down.

Alright so all in all: I would highly suggest you pick these up if you want some printed Mandalorian helmets. I personally like both quite a bit.

I hope you enjoyed these reviews and that they helped you in making your decision to purchase or not.


Alright. So With that said, I’d like some input:

Arealight put me in charge of the blog, sort of; so I want to know what you, the reader, would like to see on here. What would make things interesting for you?

Printed Neyo Helmets

Good day everyone!

I’ll be doing two separate reviews for the “Neyo” and Mandalorian helmets on request.

First off, we’ll be reviewing the Printed “Neyo” helmets.

From Right to left: Neyo Helmet (Displayed with AT-RT Recon Trooper torso) / Clone Assassin Helmet (Displayed with a Clone Trooper Torso and custom printed Legs off of Bricklink)

Alright so, let’s start off with the Neyo Helmet. The 91st Logo is very crisp and printed in a Lego Dark Red ink. The mouth print and line above the visor are printed in black and everything else is the dark blue grey found on the Camo ARF trooper helmet.

The Dark bluish-grey actually works well here since it’s only detail work. I would like to mention that the over all print job on this helmet is extremely crisp and clean.  Personally I prefer this helmet out of the two printed “Neyo” Helmet options.

The second helmet for this review is the Clone Assassin helmet. This helmet totes a dark purple print that doesn’t exactly match lego’s dark purple; but is still quite close. The logo printed on the helmet is the same as the 91st Reconnaissance Corps logo printed on the Neyo Helmet, just in dark purple and on the opposite side of the helmet.  (Refer to above picture)
The Dark purple is used for the vents, dot on the ear pieces and the printing on the back. The mouth and line above the helmet are both black.  As requested on Flickr, I also decided grab a shot of the helmet with the new Azure Blue arms from the Alien Conquest line.
For those looking to make a clone assassin, here is what I would suggest: either paint the top half of those Alien Conquest arms white or go for the BrickForge Vambraces in Medium blue. I wasn’t able to find mine, but the sword from the Blacksmith Attack set from Lego might work nicely as the blades attached to the Trooper’s arms.,

EDIT: I’d like to apologize, I originally had dark blue listed as the color; however it was dark purple. The Dark purple on the clone assassin helmet is a close match the Lego’s purple (not alien conquest purple), it’s just a tad dark.

There isn’t really anything super special to mention about the top of the helmets as there are no details that are suppose to go from front to back on these, but here is a photo for reference.
Over all, I prefer the Neyo helmet over the Clone assassin helmet because it has a bit more color variation to it and the printing is a bit crisper for the Neyo Helmet. Either way you go, you can’t really go wrong.

I hope this helps in your decisions, enjoy.


Later today I’ll be posting the Mandalorian Helmet Review.