Alright, here’s the last of the reviews: Jetpacks

To be blunt, I feel these stand out the most out of this new release. Arealight’s jet pack design was already amazing, adding to them is just like icing on the cake. I was really excited about these when I was first told he’d be producing them and even more so when he sent me one of the original runs that didn’t turn out just right.

The one on the left was the original run, the one on right is the final version of the Jango Fett Pack.

Left To Right: Boba Jetpack II / Isabet Jetpack / Mij Jetpack / Jango Jetpack / Vizla Jetpack / Boba Jetpack I

Arealight released 6 jet packs. Each one comes with the rocket accessory unlike their unprinted versions which include a warhead. Warheads and rockets are both sold separately.

I find the rocket goes better with the jetpacks anyways.

I’d rather not bore you with describing each on it’s own since they all have very similar print designs, so instead I feel it’s best to just let the pictures speak for themselves in regards to that. Each of them is colored specifically toward a character and Arealight did a great job of matching those colors.  I personally felt would have improved them would have been having the print on the boosters go all the way around, but the printer’s ability to print on that type of surface is pretty limited. Regardless, the printing on all of these are extremely clear and crisp. I can easily suggest getting any of these to anyone even if you aren’t that big of a Star Wars fan. Even though each design caters to a different character, the variety still allows you to make your own custom figure in the star wars universe or outside of it.

Small side note: The two Boba Fett jetpacks have the same print on different colored jetpacks (Sand Green and Blue).

Being completely honest here: It’s hard for me to recommend one over the other, so if you do intend on picking just one or two up: go with the color scheme you enjoy the most. You really can’t go wrong with any of them and they are definitely a step up from the normal Lego jetpacks which were just a wee bit too small.

As a closing note to this:

In regards to Wave 3 itself, I personally see it as a stepping stone for future print designs. Arealight printed onto two items he’s never printed on before: the AT-RT Helmet and the Jetpack. Both of these items have odd shapes as well, which in turn make the printing process harder than it already is with the normal helmets. While I can’t exactly say what is planned for the future I can easily tell you that more great print designs are definitely in store as well as a few other fun things.

I hope you enjoyed these and I hope they help you in your purchases.