Printed Neyo Helmets

Good day everyone!

I’ll be doing two separate reviews for the “Neyo” and Mandalorian helmets on request.

First off, we’ll be reviewing the Printed “Neyo” helmets.

From Right to left: Neyo Helmet (Displayed with AT-RT Recon Trooper torso) / Clone Assassin Helmet (Displayed with a Clone Trooper Torso and custom printed Legs off of Bricklink)

Alright so, let’s start off with the Neyo Helmet. The 91st Logo is very crisp and printed in a Lego Dark Red ink. The mouth print and line above the visor are printed in black and everything else is the dark blue grey found on the Camo ARF trooper helmet.

The Dark bluish-grey actually works well here since it’s only detail work. I would like to mention that the over all print job on this helmet is extremely crisp and clean.  Personally I prefer this helmet out of the two printed “Neyo” Helmet options.

The second helmet for this review is the Clone Assassin helmet. This helmet totes a dark purple print that doesn’t exactly match lego’s dark purple; but is still quite close. The logo printed on the helmet is the same as the 91st Reconnaissance Corps logo printed on the Neyo Helmet, just in dark purple and on the opposite side of the helmet.  (Refer to above picture)
The Dark purple is used for the vents, dot on the ear pieces and the printing on the back. The mouth and line above the helmet are both black.  As requested on Flickr, I also decided grab a shot of the helmet with the new Azure Blue arms from the Alien Conquest line.
For those looking to make a clone assassin, here is what I would suggest: either paint the top half of those Alien Conquest arms white or go for the BrickForge Vambraces in Medium blue. I wasn’t able to find mine, but the sword from the Blacksmith Attack set from Lego might work nicely as the blades attached to the Trooper’s arms.,

EDIT: I’d like to apologize, I originally had dark blue listed as the color; however it was dark purple. The Dark purple on the clone assassin helmet is a close match the Lego’s purple (not alien conquest purple), it’s just a tad dark.

There isn’t really anything super special to mention about the top of the helmets as there are no details that are suppose to go from front to back on these, but here is a photo for reference.
Over all, I prefer the Neyo helmet over the Clone assassin helmet because it has a bit more color variation to it and the printing is a bit crisper for the Neyo Helmet. Either way you go, you can’t really go wrong.

I hope this helps in your decisions, enjoy.


Later today I’ll be posting the Mandalorian Helmet Review.